Hawaiian Time

Being back in Hawaii is great, it’s good to see old friends and catch up with everyone. There’s a different pace of life here and everyone is very laid back. Great place to vacation, but I know if I lived here again I’d get sucked right into that and stop being productive!

Went to church and saw a lot of family friends.  Our pastor decided that it would be really fun to make me feel awkward and announce that I was back and that I was graduating in June. Everyone turned and looked. Goodness.  I tend to keep a pretty low profile most of the time so that was a lot of attention that I wasn’t prepared for!

Also, in more news, I’ll be competing with the 2 boys in product design for the IDSA Merit awards at the end of the first week of school. Nervous, but looking forward to polishing my presentation skills a little more.

Nothing else superbly exciting to update you on, but I’m sure once school starts up I’ll be bursting with stories! Enjoying my time off from school and the little break that I get 🙂


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About leemodesigns

I have been folding Origami for over 20 years - being raised in both Japan and Hawai'i has shaped and formed who I am today. Origami has been a kind of relaxation for me my entire life, and only recently did I discover that I enjoyed wearing my work rather than simply displaying it! Although folding paper is how I originally started LeeMo, my personal exploration of digital fabrication has expanded the way that I approach modular origami. Folding will always be a passion for me, but I never want to forget how it all started: a little girl and a package of paper.

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