morning routines: with or without technology?

so i’ve been thinking a lot about morning routines lately and i think i may want to change mine. the very very first thing i do when i wake up is check my phone to see who sent me messages while i was asleep. maybe this is a habit that will go away once i get a little more acclimated to being in japan but i kind of doubt it. the time difference makes it so that all of my west coast ish friends are waking up just as i’m going to sleep, and ending their work days just as i’m waking up. i’ve also been finding that no matter what time i go to sleep (12, 1, 2…) i still wake up around 8am. so weird considering i’m quite known for not waking up in the mornings.

i’m thinking that adding some time in the morning without technology might be a good test for me since i’m basically attached to my laptop/phone almost constantly. bad news bears.

this post was mostly an out-loud verbal processing 🙂


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I have been folding Origami for over 20 years - being raised in both Japan and Hawai'i has shaped and formed who I am today. Origami has been a kind of relaxation for me my entire life, and only recently did I discover that I enjoyed wearing my work rather than simply displaying it! Although folding paper is how I originally started LeeMo, my personal exploration of digital fabrication has expanded the way that I approach modular origami. Folding will always be a passion for me, but I never want to forget how it all started: a little girl and a package of paper.

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