adventures in kyoto

the other day my sister and i decided on a spur of the moment trip to kyoto. we saw something on tv about ryoanji and both remembered how much we’d been wanting to go. this was around 10pm on saturday night.. the next morning we were on our way to kyoto by 830! it was nice to have a sister day and move around the way that we wanted to. neither of us really knew where we were going, but kinda figured we’d just wing it and see what happened.

we decided to go to ryoanji first, then walk to kinkakuji, then spend the afternoon shopping around shijo.

ryoanji was great! it’s a little unfortunate that we ended up there on the last sunday of spring break (soooo crowded) but except for the occasional bump here and there we mostly had breathing room.

it’s too bad the cherry blossom tree here wasn’t in bloom… i hear this is a great place to come in the winter, with a blanket of snow.

loving the textures! i remember studying ryoanji when i was in college and putting it on my to do list for when i was in japan next. the cool thing about living here instead of just visiting is that i have time to go to new places! my sister and i decided that we’re gonna do another kyoto trip sometime in the near future and go to the new aquarium that was just built there. trips around japan and being able to see more than just the areas of the city that i’m used to are very exciting πŸ™‚

immediately outside the rock garden i found this amazing cherry blossom tree

from ryoanji, we decided to walk to kinkakuji. online it said it would take about 3o minutes but we definitely made it there in less than 15.

kinkakuji was everything that the textbooks said it was. allll kinds of bright and shiny. it looked almost fake because it was so sparkly in the sunlight.

yep. looks straight photoshopped πŸ™‚

by this point, we were faint with hunger so we decided to catch a bus to shijo and find somewhere to eat. we ended up at some generic restaurant that was supposed to be french but definitely was not. my sister had a loco moco so…. yeah.

we spent a few hours wandering around the shotengai (shopping areas kinda like an outside mall) and my sister went into every drug store and shoe store we passed. she has the strangest interests, that one.

we ended up walking about 5 miles that day, which was awesome for my knee – for those of you who don’t know, i got into a bit of a bike accident and scraped and bruised my knee up pretty well. and of course, me being me, i only own tight jeans that rub my knee up. if only it had been slightly warmer and i coulda rocked a skirt or shorts πŸ™‚ needless to say, the swelling got worse, not better after kyoto.

all in all, kyoto was amazing but very exhausting. more to come of other adventures soon!


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I have been folding Origami for over 20 years - being raised in both Japan and Hawai'i has shaped and formed who I am today. Origami has been a kind of relaxation for me my entire life, and only recently did I discover that I enjoyed wearing my work rather than simply displaying it! Although folding paper is how I originally started LeeMo, my personal exploration of digital fabrication has expanded the way that I approach modular origami. Folding will always be a passion for me, but I never want to forget how it all started: a little girl and a package of paper.

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