osaka museum of history

i went to the museum of history with my aunt last week to see a special exhibition of austrian and japanese armor. SO AWESOME. the armor is what i was most interested in, but we decided to look at the regular stuff on display too. sadly, there were no photographs allowed of the armor but i took a couple before i got caught 🙂

it started with when japan all came into existence – lots of super chinese influence type stuff. check out this money!

the museum was right across the way from the osaka castle – so weird to see with all the tall buildings around it. kind of a fun juxtaposition of old and new 🙂

LOOK AT THIS AWESOME MODEL! half open, half closed. the detail in their models was stunning – the former architecture student in me was in awe… and i kinda wished that i was on their model making team so i could make such cool things.

look at that detail! seriously, they even carved pigs on either side of the post over the entry!

this is the earth at different periods over time – that huge chunk with all the giant rocks is when there was a lot of fighting – so crazy that the earth can show us what was happening back in the day.

i was in awe about the detail – look at the lil kitty! (this ones for you, lex)

scariest. face. ever. i turned around and stopped breathing for a minute when i saw this.

some old japanese money – what’s totally awesome is that my aunt gave me two of those coins when i got here! love some old school artifacts.

here’s one of the few shots that i snuck in before i got in trouble for having my camera out. so awesome to see the different styles of manufacture! i could go on and on about the different things i noticed but i don’t wanna bore you guys so whoever wants to have that history talk with me can send me a message 🙂

this week i’m going to see the tutankhamun exhibit – gotta get my field trips in before i start working! i hear the exhibition is so popular that people are lined up even during the week to see it. maybe i’ll find some basenji’s while i’m there!


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I have been folding Origami for over 20 years - being raised in both Japan and Hawai'i has shaped and formed who I am today. Origami has been a kind of relaxation for me my entire life, and only recently did I discover that I enjoyed wearing my work rather than simply displaying it! Although folding paper is how I originally started LeeMo, my personal exploration of digital fabrication has expanded the way that I approach modular origami. Folding will always be a passion for me, but I never want to forget how it all started: a little girl and a package of paper.

2 responses to “osaka museum of history”

  1. apartment304blog says :

    The detail on that model is incredible !

  2. Justin M. Smith says :

    Jealous! That picture of Osaka castle is really something. What was once a symbol of impenetrability and power now being dwarfed by buildings twice it’s size.

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