Let me start this post by saying that the past year and a half of my life have been filled with almost constant change – in every single aspect of my life. It has made me realize a lot about myself, but more importantly, who I want to be.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the sources of most angst. I believe that it’s personal expectations. No one can “make” you feel anything – only you have the capability to understand your emotions.

I often hear “If they weren’t so _____, I wouldn’t be so _____.”

What is it about “them” that really gets to you? However “they” choose to move forward in their lives can only affect you if you let it.

No one’s ever doing anything TO YOU, it’s a reflection of something they’re unaware of, or unwilling to acknowledge about themselves. I spent an unfortunate majority of my life feeling like I was the victim and wondering what I did to deserve that treatment. It turns out that I never fought back or stood up for myself. You get what you deserve. Life will always hand you a touch more than you can handle to test you – to see if you’ll grow because of it, or disappear into a shell because of it.

My advice is this:

be as aware as you can about what is happening. If you receive feedback about something; really take it in – as much as it may hurt. If you hear the same thing multiple times, maybe it’s true and it’s something you need to address.

We all have highs and lows in life, but we’ll never grow if we never learn.

Make the most of your journey.


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About leemodesigns

I have been folding Origami for over 20 years - being raised in both Japan and Hawai'i has shaped and formed who I am today. Origami has been a kind of relaxation for me my entire life, and only recently did I discover that I enjoyed wearing my work rather than simply displaying it! Although folding paper is how I originally started LeeMo, my personal exploration of digital fabrication has expanded the way that I approach modular origami. Folding will always be a passion for me, but I never want to forget how it all started: a little girl and a package of paper.

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