All you can eat at Olympia

Where have I been, you say? I apologize for the lack of posts – I’ve been busy eating! Now that it’s not a sauna in Osaka anymore, I’m starting to get my appetite back and I’ve been eating some delicious things ^.^

I went to a pretty well known all you can eat buffet with my mom last week. Apparently reservations need to be made weeks in advance. Plus: they have over 100 menu items!

Needless to say, I was pretty excited! It’s all I could think about at work that day. We picked a day where it wouldn’t be super crowded (weekday) so I went straight there from work.

Here are some visuals to make you jealous of the yummies that went into my tummy:

I started with the Chinese buffet and tried a little of everything: fried chicken, beef, sweet and sour pork, crab tofu, fried rice, shrimp shumai, sushi (not chinese but it was there), ginger pork, salami and brie (also not chinese but still delicious).


After Chinese, I opted for some steak. My mom and sister had been here before and my sister raved about the steak so it was at the top of my list of things to try! It was, as promised, amazing. I love steak!


After the steak, I went back to the Chinese food to see if there was anything that I missed… turns out, yes. They hadn’t set out all of the dishes on my first round and had shabu shabu pork! Shabu shabu is a Japanese dish where they dip thin sliced meat into boiling water and cook it up real quick. For this dish, they poured a spicy chinese sauce on top – also delicious, but didn’t top the steak.



After eating my fill of Chinese, I meandered over to the Japanese food area and found Japanese black beef. It’s super expensive and super rare and has always been on my list of things to try! It was slow cooked or something because the meat was so tender and delicious!



Next in line was: Lobster. Pan fried and seasoned with some kind of spicy pepper. SO GOOD.



As I was finishing my lobster, my mom appeared holding two cups of soup. Turns out: shark fin soup. It’s actually pretty good but the fin must have been chopped up real small cuz I couldn’t tell what was what. Apparently, good quality shark fin soup they have the entire fin in the bowl and you have to eat it. Gotta say, I’m glad it was chopped up! (also in the rop right of the photo: that’s fois grois).



I felt a little weird after the shark fin, so I defaulted to a classic: sushi.



After all that, I was ready to hit the dessert buffet. Pudding flavored ice cream, lemon honey sorbet, pumpkin pudding, pomegranate tart, and a cute lil cupcake.






While I was enjoying my dessert, there was an announcement that there was going to be a dessert display. Turns out they had a giant mont blanc mountain and were gonna serve little pieces. Look at how big it is!


So basically: it was awesome, everything was delicious, and I walked out regretting my choice of pants for the day. I would highly recommend it to anyone coming through Osaka. It’s called Olympia and it’s in the basement level of the Shin Hankyu Hotel in Umeda.



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One response to “All you can eat at Olympia”

  1. Ann says :

    Oh my goodness, each plate is a work of art. Lucky you! So many good things at once… I wish I had a resident chef who would fix me treats like this with time to digest in between. :).

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